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Why should I use a Finance Broker?

  • You only have to explain your situation once.
  • We have a wide range of lenders to place your business with - potentially giving you an unlimited source of credit.
  • We can save you time by finding the right funder for your specific requirements.
Is a broker more expensive than dealing direct?
  • Due to the amount of business we place with our lenders, we are given preferential rates which we can pass onto you the customer.
  • As we are not tied to one source of funds we can shop around to give you the best deal.

What can we finance?

  • Traditional assets such as: Commercial Vehicles, Motor cars, CNC Machines / Lathes, Mobile Cranes, office equipment, air conditioning units and more.

How do I go forward in arranging a
facility with ACF?

For us to secure a finance facility on your behalf, we usually need: basic company information such as time trading, business history, contracts. For financing large amounts, company accounts and/or bank statements may also be required.

However to assess what we need to take forward payment on your behalf, feel free to use

our customer reply system.